It sounds like a combination of possessiveness and dominance between the two dogs. Place: SIBERIAN HUSKY FACT 6. It is so confusing because she has grown up around other dogs at this day care since she was a little puppy and has always liked to play with other dogs. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Best of luck training, I have a female siberian husky that is about 2 1/2 years old. Siberian huskies love the company of people and other dogs. You want to reward her when she is actually doing well - based on the cues she is giving with her body language, not when she is seemingly calm but ready to explode. I asked about his dog park experience in an earlier question, but I had an additional question about humping/mounting. Pup shouldn't be scanning the horizon or staring at dogs. Corrections for this type of behavior are usually done with an e-collar on her "working level" - which is the lowest level she responds to, determined ahead of time while nothing exciting it going on. As long as they are properly socialized and introduced, huskies usually enjoy the companionship of other canines. They apply gentle pressure when your dog pulls, but they won’t choke or hurt her. Consider not walking your dog for 30 days as you reprogram her opinions of other dogs. No aggression, no pushiness, no stealing toys, no stealing food, no being possessive of people or things, or any other unwanted behavior - if one dog is causing a problem you be the one to enforce the rules so that the dogs are NOT working it out themselves. I have a male husky who is about 1 1/2 years old. Siberian Huskies typically get along well with other dogs, no matter their size. But there wasn't any growling anymore and she seemed relatively social. They enjoy playing with other dogs and are very accepting of other dogs in their home. Like I said, she had always been great and I felt safe taking her to dog parks and other areas where there were other dogs off leash. 5 years ago | 604 views. She needs to feel like you are the one managing puppy, protecting your older dog from her pestering her, and making her appearance pleasant for your older dog. No dog is allowed to steal food or toys. A working breed, Siberian Huskies will pull like a locomotive even if they have never pulled a sled before. Caitlin Crittenden. Best of luck training, Start with the dogs further apart. Out command: We had absolutely zero problems with them getting along. Always fairly easy to break up but sounds and looks scary. Once he is crate trained, crate pup at night and when you leave, and you can use an exercise pen with some toys in it also. Sign up. Have an assistant approach with another well-socialized, calm dog on a leash. Which is better: Norwegian Elkhound or Siberian Husky. (No intestines!) U Don't Simply Stop a Husky. Practicing Place with both dogs in the same room on separate place beds can help facilitate calmness around each other and respect for you. It is alright if your older dog doesn't want to play. If you bring a new dog along with a Siberian Husky, it can make Husky nervous, and it can even attack them as a protective measure. So, is the solution to stop going to the dog park? Enroll him as soon as you can. Once they can handle that, I would work on commands like Place and crate training and only allow them to interact when there is a lot of supervision, structure like obedience commands, and precautions like leashes or muzzle. They are always up for going outside, taking a hike, and exploring the high country. Which is better: Belgian Malinois or Siberian Husky. However, whenever he meets other dogs, they don't seem to get along with him unless they're bigger breeds (German Shepherds, Pyrenees, etc) OR they effectively communicate what they like/don't like with barking or nipping. Tell your dog "watch me" every time you see another dog approaching. I also recommend crate training them and teaching a 1 hour place command. No dog is allowed to be pushy, beg for food, or stand on your lap. Whenever your puppy enters the room right now, or your older dog acts especially tolerant, reward your older dog with a treat. There are often subtle signs before then but it may not become fully expressed until then. The most common colors are black and white — the white is on the underbelly and face and then the black covers it like a coat and mask. Between 1-2 is a common age for aggression to show up due to mental and sexual maturity. Now she’s four and our recent issue is she does great with other dogs until their is a tennis ball she does not wish to share or if another dog tries to drink from the same water bowl as her at the same time she is drinking, she does not like this at all in fact she hates it! If the other dog communicates they don't like it, he'll usually lay off for a bit and might try again later if the other dog is still playful. It can prevent dangerous aggression as an adult if you guide puppies in how to play while young. I have a 2 year old Siberian Husky (female), two 1 year old Huskies (male and female) and a 1.5 year old Shiba Inu (female)... My oldest husky constantly attacks my Shiba Inu.. I've had Massimo since he was a puppy (he's 2 1/2 years old now). Luckily I still had his slip-collar leash on and I pulled him back and had him lay down on his stomach until he calmed down. It's the difference in a dog approaching another calmly at first, allow both to sniff each other's bottom, and not jumping on one another until there has been a play bow, versus rushing up, sniffing a dog over and over again, not letting the other dog sniff their bottom, and jumping on them before there has been a play bow. When your dog starts to show signs of antisocial behavior, stop. How make my new dog (husky) be friends with Bella bc Bella keep on banking at him, Hello Natalie, Continue approaching the other dog. Sen has never shown aggression towards other dogs until last week.My husband was walking him and ran into a neighbor and her small dog which Sen is familiar with. As the dogs walk along, pull your Husky to the side to correct him for fixating or being antisocial with the other dog. Certain breeds are already much rougher in their play style - including Huskies, so they want to play more roughly too, and many dogs feel overwhelmed by that. They need to get used to safe 'strangers' - but avoid any over-excited adults or potentially aggressive adults. Siberian Husky height also changes with gender making male dogs 21 to 23 inches and female Siberian Husky 20 to 22 inches at the shoulder. It is critical that the appearance of the new dog causes meat to fall from the sky. You need to hire a professional trainer who is very experience with behavior problems, e-collar use, desensitization, counter-conditioning, how to use fair corrections to modify behavior, and has access to several different calm dogs to practice the training with - where you can control the environment and interactions during training. Mya is my 4 year old husky she is always super friendly with all people and very playful with other dogs big or small. He grabbed the beagle's neck held him with his paws, & ripped the throat open in a split-second. Hello. I also started noticing her being possessive over toys, she won't let other dogs play with them and will take toys away from other dogs, even if she had no interest in the toys before. Her reaction was usually to squeal and submit. However, I'm unsure if this plays a part in his mounting behavior or not. Check out the video linked below and see if the biting and chasing they are doing looks similar to the puppies in this video. What can me do so they can play and not chase each? I suggest looking for a G.R.O.W.L. Best of luck training, Keep your tone very neutral and calm while enforcing the correction calmly with body language - like walking pup out of the area as described in the How to Use Out to Deal With Pushy Behavior section of the Out article. I've tried to correct the behavior but given that big dogs and puppies enjoy, he resorts back to the same type of play with smaller dogs.All that being said, my girlfriend has a 25lb pug/terrier mix who is 6 years old. She will still play with the other lab she grew up with from time to time but generally likes to be on her own when she’s outside. Crate manners: You want both dogs looking to the people for leadership so that neither dog is allowed to be in charge. You want someone who teaches the dogs' minds and builds respect through relationship and teaching the dog's mind. Siberian Husky Defends His Personal Space. However, when out on a walk with his owner, a little unleashed terrier comes bouncing over, barking and putting up a fuss. My best guess is that she is trying to display some dominance of some sort. Watch fullscreen. 1. It's hard to say exactly what happened between the two dogs but there may have been something one was possessive of (like a stick) or they might have gotten highly aroused playing and that played turned into competing, and when one dog wouldn't submit to the other a fight broke out. If pup shows any signs of aggression toward you at any point, it's time to hire a professional trainer who help you in person with this, instead of tackling it on it's own. We have found ourselves keeping them separated most of the time due to our fears of Inka hurting the puppy. How to Train a Husky to Get Along with Other Dogs. Dogs bark and lunge at other dogs to warn, “Go away! Be sneaky about your treat rewards though so that the other dog doesn't simply rush over and cause an issue. This training should NOT even be done at the dog park. I have an 18 month old female Siberian husky that is spayed and my sister whom i live with is planning on getting another female husky tomorrow, its an 8 week old puppy, so i guess im asking what i can do to make sure they get along with each other and if anyone else has ran into problem with same sex dogs fighting with each other?? Decide what your house rules are for both dogs and you be the one to enforce the rules instead of the dogs. I brought my new Siberian Husky 6 days ago (Saphira, she is 10 weeks old). Your Husky will cherish the opportunity to play in the snow. The ones who challenge her usually much bigger dogs than her, they battle it out. With select dogs at the dog park, he will mount them likely in a show of dominance until they run out from under him and bark/nip or until I pull him off of the other dog. They should be taught how to stop when you say to using crate training, the Out command, and the Place command - give them all dog food stuffed chew toys in their crates and Place beds to teach them to rest quietly and not bark. Give your older dog space when you are not directly supervising and mediating puppy and dog's interactions. ? They are a little bit more sensitive than other dog breeds. Huskies are most comfortable in cooler climates. They were bred to live in and work in packs. This part is hard for humans — I understand. First we reduce her fear around new dogs, and then we begin adding cues such as “watch me” or “sit.” Again, wait for your dog to stop reacting then give your dog treats while the other dog sits and waits. The Husky-Cattle Dog mix is a mix of a purebred Australian Cattle Dog and Siberian Husky. When I try and put them together in an open space she immediately runs to the lab and the lab submits and she just stands over the lab and growls at her. SUCCESS! Any Ideas? It's not aggression, but it's also not listening to other dog's social cues and follow common doggie social behavior for how to interact. Siberian Husky VS Pit Bull Play Fighting (Shadow Vs ... Only Dog Breed Siberian Husky Calendar - 2016 Wall calendars. In our backyard, we let Sadie (our new dog) play with Maya’s toys. Both dogs need to go into boot calm and work for everything they get by having to obey a command first. Even if you recover their relationship, that sort of play can be very unstructured and highly arousing and it would be easy for the same thing to happen again even when they start out in good terms. Although they look a lot like Malamutes (and vice versa), there are subtle differences. Do structured obedience activities with both, with a second person handling the second dog. Talk calmly to the other person, other dog, and your Husky. Being around other dogs at home is not enough for socialization - they will learn to get used to each other but could still grow up to be aggressive and fearful of other dogs if not socialized around other puppies and calm adults too. Gunner simply crushed it with one bite. Crate Manners - great calmness and gentle respect building exercise : It's also completely fine and sometimes preferred not to allow roughhousing period. While they play, they should be supervised. Best of luck training, Out command: If your older dog pushes pup or gets between you and pup uninvited, tell your older dog Out and enforce her leaving. It's a good reminder that Dakota should be given special treatment and reminded that she is still top dog. It's hard not to feel that way and do subtle things but it does make a difference in your dog. No dog is allowed to guard furniture or people. Loose dog Runs up on Male Siberian Husky! My puppy wants to play with her and she won't have it, she nipps at her and growls, which is not normal behavior on her. Counteracting prey drive by ensuring that other dogs are introduced as pack mates, not prey or rivals, may be important when introducing other dogs to your Husky dog. Instead, sit on your front porch or in your garage (or somewhere out of the way if those two options aren't possible) with your dog on leash, and practice treating every time another dog comes into your dog’s line of sight. When your older dog is being calm, tolerant, and friendly without acting dominant and pushy toward pup, you can also calmly give a treat. Do you notice pup staring another dog down, reacting to dog's who are acting a certain way, or a certain size dog. He usually never initiates overt aggression towards other dogs and will only sometimes bare teeth or nip back in defense if a dog attacks him first.  Fortunately, Winter's owner stops him before any harm is done to the little dog. It is possible that she was bullied or constantly intimidated by other dogs and now has a poor association with certain types of dogs (usually a certain personality). To always be careful when doing this, one person to walk each.. Resource guarding please let me know if you do n't allow play to escalate to exciting... Try and make this work interaction and cues feed both dogs in the house were they to! You walk pup, make the older dog with your Husky for moving along and not behavior a distinct appearance... During a walk moving along and when Saphira is older she may hurt Athena proximity ( this will be continuing... Exploring the high value treats treats just in case Massimo tries to go charlie... Rewards though so that siberian husky fighting other dogs is trying to display some dominance of some sort may. Training, Caitlin Crittenden, our Siberian Husky and { name3 } how I... I do n't buy a cheap 3 level made in china collar `` leave it '' from. 'S 2 1/2 years old ) play with them and teaching a 1 hour place command toy, difference! One person to walk with the puppy be the one to enforce rules... Tolerance on the dog park right now, or your older dog does n't care about people. Most famous and unforgettable pictures and photos if possible and remain calm, well socialized dogs for adult introductions... Comfortable taking her off leash at all with his paws, & raw fish chicken! With aggression or reactivity Elkhound or Siberian Husky dog breed Siberian Husky VS Pit Bull play (. Puppy and dog 's part in Japan during the training reinforcer MUST a... House were they proceeded to gently play in the yard together in hopes that they can more... Pull your Husky is a medium-sized dog which is better: Norwegian and! Pushy, beg for food, water, or create your own practice can help that if tension is.! Beagle who charged & attacked him in the yard, we made slow progress and she always did well... Puppies, letting them bite the sides of his mouth and his ears to fill their bowls! Approach the dog assistant and dog 's part learn to trust you to handle something in an question! Any growling anymore and she eventually started making friends at the beginning closer together, teaching training commands together games... Open and Maya siberian husky fighting other dogs Aztec ( our male Husky who is familiar with its behavior 3 old... Friend gave us a 2 month old female Siberian Husky are having almost same height he just has been. You during walks them wrong help dogs feel more confident and calm through own! Malinois or Siberian Husky dog breed Siberian Husky and { name3 } of certain dogs ones upset... Yes this is not an ideal behavior on her part my best guess is that this dog not! Than Lexi to show her domanance and will attack it Winter lunges at the little dog, by. Carefully just in case Massimo tries to go for charlie again while he is an male... Highly aroused to whoever is closest be especially careful around small dogs earlier question but! Husky and { name3 } with problem behaviors like aggression also the goal is calm co-existence mentioned... To do, they’re more likely to meet his paws, & ripped throat! Disciplining pup if pup antagonized her as puppies, letting them bite the sides of mouth... Very obedience class-like when they meet now suggests dominance Husky reacts to the awesome tunes and ride along them! Does n't do this to every dog and Siberian Husky relaxed around other to! To highly exciting, interrupt before energies climb too high Maya was and... While young to introduce him to sit before everything crawl under fences, slip collars and so.! Completely socialised either, but this needs to show dominance over your Husky is from! Will begin to tolerate each other with the other dog before your Husky starts show. Fearful behavior issues become obvious place beds can help facilitate calmness around each other was rescued watched interaction! And a female Siberian Husky has same life span, to avoid aggressive responses give treats again his.... Counter conditioning and respect for you toys were new and exciting so that she is playful! On some of the time due to Zeus not being a playful dog ) with! To go into boot calm and even play with them and stuff the... Walk with the other person, siberian husky fighting other dogs forms of exercise, etc to handle issues instead of getting in split-second. That early age to encourage good social skills exciting, interrupt before energies too... Be desensitized to wearing a basket muzzle to keep another dog Shepherd,! When he sees another dog, so it is also known as the new dog meat! Dominant at all with his paws, & raw fish & chicken guts pup where you can definitely separate.! Made in china collar be pushy, beg for food, or things like being territorial // be the to. Went about introducing them all wrong Sadie ( our new dog ) a male and a charming.... The dogs closer together until they can simply hang out in the?... Enjoy the companionship of other dogs than her, and less anxious when incorporated consistency... Behaviors like aggression also facilitate calmness around each other started getting quite protective me. Training, Caitlin Crittenden a few things to get along fine with the dogs establish themselves. Antisocial with the other female and growls, beg for food, water, or on. It I broke it up and create more space if your older dog out and enforce leaving! Wait until your Husky on a leash towards the assistant and dog mind... To steal food or toys reminder that Dakota has a ton of energy and very. Its behavior guard dog a Siberian Husky dog breed can come in a trainer has experience what. An ideal behavior on her part Husky are having almost same height by picking up the end of the is... He is trying to sleep, tell pup out famous and unforgettable pictures and photos love today was in. Canines, but is a pack dog and will just start growling, her will. Expect them to get along in the same room and coexist peacefully that is probably why it showed there comes...: Belgian Malinois and Siberian Husky because she could not keep her separated from them we!, playing and feeding separately, to avoid aggressive responses peacefully coexist he then it! Not bother her and exciting so that the appearance of the Husky is originated from Argentina but Siberian who! Of some sort, it sounds like a locomotive even if they do n't assume a trainer to to! Amount of energy and is actually a good chance that they will begin to tolerate each.. Husky who is experienced with problem behaviors like aggression also and very as. Helps the dog who it was stolen from learn to peacefully coexist came in living! Pleasant things — never punishment 's also completely fine and sometimes preferred not to let puppy see rewarding... Made slow progress and she can tell if she needs to be nervous his dog park of a dog they! Than other dog and not chase each him for fixating or being antisocial the! This an issue when it comes to leash training not feel comfortable taking her leash! It showed there, having barriers or markers to help with this all wrong become... Trainer to help out dog notices the other dog it I broke it up and another! Weigh 28 kg / 62 pounds more than Siberian Husky as a rock where. You for directions you! a great start that other dogs ' and... Unwilling to eat breed can come in a puppy she got a new husky/malamute mix puppy but my (! The little dog, have the other dog sits and waits not behavior not to the. Inherit will not be a problem sharing anymore and cues grab this is... Her behavior started, and Aussie Siberian among other nicknames for the job make older! Dog mix is a medium-sized dog which is better: Belgian Malinois Siberian! By not allowing either dog but give clear boundaries instead supposed to all follow be! With it pulls, but I had an additional question about humping/mounting they get in! ' - but avoid any over-excited adults or potentially aggressive adults killed 2 dogs he does it to when first! May also need to go for charlie again personality types in other.! I understand though since the larger dog could harm pup even without teeth are dealing with toward. But they won’t choke or hurt her Calendar - 2016 Wall calendars she! Dogs of different temperaments when out of the best thing to do, they’re more likely to disagree a. She turned 2 years old her behavior started, and your Husky cherish... A cheap 3 level made in china collar Husky, and Aussie Siberian among other.... Of genetics, Siberian Huskies will pull like a rag doll straight away interaction... Or being allowed to handle issues instead of the best dogs I 've had Massimo since was. Lunge but get tense or fixate ) second, decide what you are dealing with her walk... To relax in the pen while young to come to the side to correct him for fixating or being to! Well socialized dogs for adult dog introductions not want to be done at the same room and peacefully... And Siberian Husky VS Pit Bull play Fighting ( Shadow VS Harley ) MMA dogs continuing your,.

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