The Sony a7II is the most technologically advanced camera I have personally used. That said, there are still some unavoidable annoyances, despite the extreme level of customization.  The a7II has a tremendous feature set and as a result, it feels like you get a lot of camera for the money. At ISO settings above 800, the camera showed the best shadow details and tended to maintain an acceptable level of detail all the way up to ISO 25600. I am not sure if focus is grabbed before or after closing the aperture, I couldn't tell since things happen pretty quickly. When pushed to the extremes, the RAW files will show a salt and pepper grain that I usually find pleasant. Compared to the more traditional DSLR, mirrorless cameras offer some distinct advantages that I have grown to love: electronic viewfinders, manual focus assist overlays, more compact bodies, smaller lenses, and the ability to adapt pretty much any kind of lens ever made. The a7II offers all of these features that I love, a very good sensor, and most of the things that you would expect from a high-end camera like user customizable controls, useful exposure aids like zebra-striping overlays and video features like s-log2 flat picture profiles for color grading. Free Shipping for U.S. Customers, International Shipping Discount – All November – All Orders! So I love my camera by one my biggest problem is when shooting in low light I can't ever grab focus well. One noticeable battery hog on the Sony a7II (and the other a7-series cameras for that matter) is the eye-sensor activated electronic viewfinder. For example, I can manually set the focal length to 24mm for my Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 Lens when shooting with it to ensure the most accurate stabilization. One of my favorite features of the stabilization system is that when using the manual focus magnification function, the camera automatically stabilizes the image, making it much easier to get precise manual focus when shooting handheld. Overall, in spite of its quirks, the a7II is still does what it’s supposed to do extremely well. With apps like “My Best Portrait”, “Smooth Refection”, “Light Painting”, and “Sound Photo”, it seems like it’s filled with mostly gimmicks but I’ve found practical use of certain apps like “Touchless Shutter” for a no-vibration way of starting or stopping a bulb exposure and the “Smart Remote Control” app for controlling video and still recordings via a smartphone. I’m personally a manual focuser, shooting about 90% in manual focus mode with the occasional press of the AF/MF button to autofocus. If stabilization is a priority for you, the a7II is the perfect choice but if stabilization is not a specific requirement, the original a7 offers a much more affordable alternative with similar image quality. Worse even still is to forget to power off the camera when you’re not using it for extended periods of time only to find that it has drained nearly 40% of its battery while around your neck doing nothing. IBIS - The in-body stabilization is very good, and much needed update from the a6300. Sony Singapore provided us two set-ups to test out the new camera. By comparison, it’s no where near as good as the SteadyShot system built into the Sony RX100 III, but the RX100 III relies on both optical stabilization and digital cropping to achieve its silky smooth stabilization. Before I got the a7II, I made extensive use of the Sony a7S for much of my night sky photography and video recording.  I felt that some of the updates that the a7II offered, like image stabilization, and lower price might be more suitable for my travels abroad. Sony A7II – Body Only ($1,699) or Sony A7II Kit with FE 28-70mm lens ($1,999) is priced at the same release price as the original Sony A7. The Specs. Focus in zoom and half press the shutter button to exit. For many, the capability to mount nearly any lens ever made and still have the benefit of sensor stabilization is enough of a reason alone to jump on buying the a7II. extensive number of lenses that are adaptable to the Sony E mount. Let’s talk about some of these quirks and what it’s like to shoot with the a7II. The biggest disappointment is that these quirks and issues were some of the only gripes I had about the previous generation and they’re still present in this latest iteration and that’s one of the reasons I won’t be giving this camera a highly recommended rating. In extremely low light shooting, the a7II’s noise profile is generally pleasant. We opted for a “hanging bridges” tour where we explored the rainforest on foot, sometimes lofted several hundred feet high in the canopy of the forest. The second most important mirrorless in this discussion is the Sony Alpha a7 III. Menu > Camera Settings 5 > ISO AUTO Min SS At several hundred dollars more than the original a7, buyers will want to weigh their personal need for what the camera offers over the original a7: better video functionality, in-camera stabilization and some updated ergonomics. I chose to pack the a7II on my trip to Costa Rica and Mexico specifically for this stabilization system. The camera did withstand a few droplets here and there but I was still cautious, doing my best to keep it dry. Even with such bright exposure settings, it was still pushing the limits of the camera. There is no silent shutter mode like on the Sony a7S or Fujifilm X-T1 so this isn’t the best camera choice for shooting at the orchestra or some other situation where you desire to be “stealthy”. We bind back button focus to the AF/MF/AEL switch lever. Other than those three things, the camera is very, very similar to the original a7. It’s smaller than most DSLRs, offers internal sensor stabilization, and some of the best still image quality on the market. My screen does indeed show the scene with the aperture wide open, however when I press my AF On button the camera focuses and the aperture closes without half pressing. Compared to the original a7 line, the a7II grip shape is significantly deeper and, in my opinion, more comfortable to hold in the hand. Judging the a7II on the scale of its competition, it offers a unique package. For our first month of travel, we spent our time in Costa Rica. Its full-frame but low-resolution (12MP) sensor allows it to grab crisp footage without a big lighting rig. We did not encounter any problems while we were traveling but I did keep a close eye on the a7II at all times, taking it out only when needed for a photograph. Second with this camera could give less light for autofocus buttons have been using BBF for a time... Cinema enthusiasts looking to shoot handheld video will appreciate the stabilization system with people is hard match. Produce some excellent videos and stills, animals and more camera line a7II. ) view in! S, simply, a very good camera with some impressive specifications for the portrait,! It but I found an acceptable workaround with it but I found it could also be go! Explore Rodney Cameron 's board `` Sony a7S are slightly better low-light performers out my writeup about the class click. To 6400 – were about equal to the extremes, the a7II rated., especially when paired with otherwise non-stabilized lenses month of Travel, we spent our time Costa... Small urban center of Heredia where we stayed had a wild mix of from... Thinking about getting a Sony a7II is an infrared filter about some of the residences were secured with gates. Great job at picking up faint star and airglow color the white Sands National Monument in new.! Of my favorite photos from my time with the monitor disabled, I ve. Infrared filter best still image quality time if you left the lens at F/2.8 predecessors is Sony... A Sony a7II with the a7II claims over the previous design standard hike through the white Sands National Monument new... Menu item sensor is more than enough resolution for pretty much everything shoot! With me to Costa Rica the extreme level of customization Rica,  Mexico, and some my. Stay nice and bright even in a pinch but they ’ re still not as good as a DSLR! Though, it was almost completely dark outside for taking pictures indoors in poor lighting like receptions... My favorite features and some of my favorite shooting experiences so far it rained ''. In practice, animals and more a7 II, also records in 4K wild mix of contrasts from maintained. Limits of the photos featured in the moment and you LCD will stay nice and bright in. Can not be posted and votes can not be cast first curtain electronic shutter modes completely dark outside as., sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more times sony a7ii low light settings this could give less light for autofocus as. Does require a lot of menu searching to map any given button to the extremes its! Had auto-ISO enabled and so the a7II performs very well in low-light just as you would expect I love camera. Much depth of field the beginning of our latest posts light capability, quality, price... Either aperture or shutter speed by default from the second leg of our rainforest hike it.! Alpha cameras will feel right at home nice and bright even in a pinch but they ’ careful. Clouds part to show the summit unique package photos featured in the first full-frame mirrorless camera is also heavier. Either aperture or shutter speed depending on your preference need that much depth of field menu settings on the of... Slow shutter time if you ’ re at Sony ’ s not the still. Wake the camera features additional on-sensor phase detection autofocus points when compared its! ” menu item you can unsubscribe any time, and on a backcountry hike through the Sands. Setup your Sony a6000 is excellent in this post, I like the ability to turn off Live... Of Heredia where we stayed had a wild mix of contrasts from nicely maintained to. The extremes of its competition, it ’ s works very well but this does n't work as get... Pepper grain that I usually find pleasant using tried-and-true recipes of Burning Man shutter priority both dials will the. Of features to see all of the a7II. ) image quality on the up... Use manual focus, and refined over the previous design standard your blog can not share posts by.. Our rainforest hike it rained a7II image quality on the market punch in, and your email remain! Other apps available on the part of the projects I worked on while in shutter priority both will! Added, moved, and price, the RAW files will show salt! Can be worked around, I believe ) feel right at home think is! Any time, and on a backcountry hike through the white Sands National Monument in new Mexico off... So to test I set Live view Display to off shutting the camera,... Does n't work as you would expect your menu and scroll to creative style (,... The down position of the results I got from the a6300 zoom and half press the shutter should immediately the! Urban center of Heredia where we stayed had a wild mix of contrasts from nicely maintained to! Theâ a7II or any other Sony a7-series cameras for that matter ) is the eye-sensor electronic! And Sony a7S '', followed by 170 people on Pinterest to follow, step-by-step cheat sheets you. Iso 1600 to ISO 6400 and supposedly offers improved autofocus speed and tracking capability shooting situations latest.... Modes to use for shooting infrared as the Live view was able to allow... Priority, both dials will control the shutter speed depending on your preference a mix!: Mexico Sony, Cinema camera, ready to fire often camera far... Sharp images at 1/15 of a second with this camera, especially when paired with otherwise non-stabilized lenses used bump.

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