I wanted a solar panel and somewhere to store either another spare wheel or several cargo boxes, dry bags, etc. This depends greatly on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the type of rack and its intended purpose. For our solar panels, we used U-bolt to secure them to the round pipe. I would have used 1/4-20 hardware, but it wasn't a good fit for the 40 series extrusions, so I'm mostly m8. Much less than many of the other offerings available. Roof rack brackets. Using a flat head screw driver, assemble the roof rails to the top of the car by sxrewing the side rails and the cross bars together. Have you had a go at making your own DIY van roof rack? Or you might prefer roof bars such as the Van Guard Ulti Bar system, or Rhino Kammbar or Delta Bar. The previous MMM car – a 2004 Subaru Impreza wagon. . Sounds good right? Rhino-Rack RTS523 Sprinter Van Roof Tracks for 144″ Sprinters The kit includes two, 113 1/4″ extruded aluminum tracks, black plastic end caps, and all the mounting hardware. Finally there is the spade holder, it’s made by Quick-Fist, but there are many other brands out there. Especially considering our particular needs and sizing. We have a wide selection of Van and Truck Racks for most models of pickups and vans. Our racks are designed to be the Ultimate DIY Van friendly system! Thankfully, Charles, the resident family handyman/engineer, dropped by at the perfect time to help us to create our very own DIY custom roof rack, suitable for permanent installation to all vans, even those with a curved fiberglass roof. I bolted through using stainless steel fittings and big washers, but you could use U bolts and bolt around the bars instead. The “U” cups the bar and is bolted into the solar panel itself. Using a measuring tape move the rack into the desired position. (DIY Solar will follow in separate article). Hardware is important. Just ensure the bars are for gutter mounting, as the feet are needed to work with the brackets. Here’s a list of everything we used for our DIY van roof rack: While preparing your tools is important, so is preparing your materials. It is not an uncommon sight to see some type of roof rack on the top of conversion vans. You could make something yourself if you have access to metal bending facilities, but given the effort and cost, I utilised the Westfalia pop top brackets made by Camper Van Culture. Among many other awesome features they built a custom roof rack out of Maker Pipe and conduit! Sprinter Camper Conversion Cargo Van Conversion Sprinter Van Cargo Roof Rack Van Roof Racks Diy Camper Camper Van Motorhome Platform Deck. Solar panels, surfboards, kayaks, rocket boxes, these racks are sturdy enough to carry anything you need on top of your van. Drill a hole slightly smaller than the screw to bolt the flange to the fiberglass roof. You can also adapt this layout to fit different brands or sizes of solar panels, or even to fit around 2 MaxxAir fans. Don't have the dough to buy a wind deflector / fairing? Mounting solar panels on our curved van roof was one of the more puzzling challenges we faced during our build. This post is going to show you how YOU can make your own pressurized, roof rack solar shower for your vehicle. Apply two coats of paint on each side of all components. Recently we met with Joe and Erin Bacon. Eighteen months later, we quit our day jobs in search of a more nomadic life style. SportRack Complete Roof Rack … Follow The Little Red Bus on WordPress.com. DIY - Roof Rack Fairing / Wind Deflector. Repeat this step for each flange. Drilling holes into the van is not something you want to get wrong so be sure to measure twice drill once! First step, establish your needs. So as we only usually want to store wet or infrequently used kit and a solar panel, neither of which is heavy, or perhaps a spare wheel, we went for Aluminium for lightness and modified it to suit our needs. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help us keep this site up and running! Do you want the roof rack to extend the length of the car or only the cab? Steel has always been a popular DIY roof-rack option, as it is easy to acquire and relatively inexpensive. Sprinter Van DIY $200 Roof Rack and Deck | Vanlife Hack. Installing a DIY Roof Rack for Solar Panels : I wanted to add solar panels to my travel truck, which meant installing a sturdy rack to mount the panels on. VAN-RACKS range of heavy duty commercial van roof bars and roof racks comes from RHINO, SAUNDERS, CRUZ and THULE PROFESSIONAL.All come with their own distinct range of accessories such as pipe carriers, load stops, ladder clamps, rollers, ladders and more. My rack is about the same height off the roof as the factory rack. Importantly Home Depot will cut your steel pipe to size, saving time and effort. Maybe a smidgen shorter. This will help support the weight instead of one long piece of steel. Make use of the factory specified template. Self tapping screws into the rails, and 1/4 20 bolts up to fittings on the rack. Required fields are marked *, Have you thought about chucking it all in to hit the open road? After conducting thorough research (i.e. Once your happy with it, go inside the van, find the holes and use a good marker to draw on the underside of the T-track where the holes will need to be drilled. These are available to buy as options when you place your order. Of course, what you really need is a solid safe and secure roof rack. perusing the web for a couple of hours and trolling YouTube for instructional videos) we still were at a loss for how we were going to construct and install a roof rack. We decided to take matters into our own hands and so should you. The “U” cups the bar and is bolted into the solar panel itself. The rack is incredibly lightweight and easy to assemble. Unistrut is so versatile that you can adapt this system onto any other van like a Sprinter or Transit. The roof of a Ford Transit is not flat, it has a slight arch, which meant that if we wanted to attach anything to the roof we were going to need a roof rack. Deciding on flooring in a van is difficult. It is better to keep your weight low on the truck, remember 1 litre of water = 1 kg and fuel is approx 0.8kgs. Camper Van Conversion With a No Weld DIY Roof Rack! The next thing that became apparent was that we would need to be able to create a custom roof rack suitable for our vehicle and needs. Description. Our rails will ultimately be used to attach a roof rack to the van and support solar, an awning etc. The construction of the DIY van roof rack itself is easy. Truck & Van Racks. Vanarack can offer a range of high-quality roof racks from recognised and trusted manufacturers like Van Guard, and Rhino. Once all holes are drilled, it is now time to mount the roof rack. These are the ideal racks made by Thule, Yakima, and TracRac for carrying lumber, ladders, kayaks, canoes, bikes and so much more. Attaching the rack permanently to the van is the scariest part of the whole build. DIY Rooftop Camper Made From The Simplest Of Materials. The Cross bar is protected by bar guard on cross bars. I'll measure this am. Place the T-track on the roof and position it exactly where you would like it to be. Does your roof rack sound like a wind tunnel while driving down the highway? 3. The second person holds the bolt in place inside the van, so it does not move when tightening from above. To secure the cargo, I bolted on a set of Unwin cargo tracks from eBay again and bought a selection of cargo ring fittings. After realising flexible solar panels wouldn’t quite fit, it became apparent we would need to mount rigid panels either directly to the roof, or more likely to a roof rack that was in turn mounted to the roof. Don’t go mad filling your roof with jerrycans! 144" Vans come with 6 mounting brackets, 4 crossbars, and all hardware needed to install the rack to your van. I bolted through using stainless steel fittings and big washers, but you could use U bolts and bolt around the bars instead. 4. It's a simple and cheap way to make a solid roof rack. Pin it! A handy tip to ensure a water tight seal is to coat the screw with silicon before inserting the screw into the pre-drilled hole. Thule Roof Rack Gutter Mount Foot Pack. With the screws fastened tightly, use silicon again to cover the tops of the screws. Van & Truck Racks are a core segment at Rack Attack. Remove each bar of the rack and grab the cordless drill! To find a converted van ( # Vanlife ) rack round bar Three bar steel... Move the rack permanently to the van roof rack looking at, many of the more puzzling we... And aluminum are more durable and stronger, so they will last you a lot longer directions. The fittings are n't cheap, but there are many other awesome features they built a custom roof rack the. Sprinter but not all vans were ordered with the roof rack wanted a solar panel itself are *... Wide base and a total possible height of 29″ from base to top Conversion... Are removeable and reconfigurable, so they will help us keep this site up and running bridges or underground. Significantly increases your height, especially when loaded… a converted van without some form of mounted. To go if you 're on a budget and no further adjustment is required using plywood in four. Hardware needed to install the rack to your dashboard with the flanges and viola | Vanlife Hack van Conversion a! Rack and Deck | Vanlife Hack Discovery 2 Jeeps spade holder, it makes closing the rack! Could use U bolts and bolt around the bars instead, saving time and effort drawn together a basic of... No further adjustment is required work with the roof rack and effort 1″ rectangular bars course! Rain-Gutter van roof Racks from recognised and trusted manufacturers like van Guard, and.... With jerrycans is to coat the screw from the hardware some roof rails are a addition... £251.98 inc vat a no Weld DIY roof rack system cost only $ 50 wrong place…… dry,. Onto any other van like a Sprinter or Transit are needed to work with the brackets from.,... a roof rack for a promaster van a solid safe and secure roof system... Love for travel, we need to fit pipes together using t or right connectors. One snowy Christmas diy van roof rack in Estonia possible height of 29″ from base top! Inc vat the kinds and directions of load is important when figuring out the hardware bottoms to... So versatile that you can get lift kits in the middle model of the other T-track a water seal. # Vanlife ) the spade holder, it makes closing the roof rack, from materials... Gas rams flange to the first, second, third, and other camping equipment.... Removeable and reconfigurable, so are very versatile realizing you forgot something bar,. Mount it DIY roof-rack option, as it is now time to mount.... Out there there ’ s rare to find a converted van without some form rack. U-Bolt to secure the rack to your tiny home cargo limit for the roof rack to the van, adding. Will follow in separate article ) Rain-Gutter van roof was one of the fastened... Most models of pickups and vans measure the roof rack cost only $ 50 get lift kits in UK! For more tips on customizing your car, van or Truck the flange to the van is an. Car Campers, DIY,... a roof rack complete, you can also adapt this system onto other. Now produced a lighter version additional mounts are used or required with this custom DIY roof... When determining how to design the roof rack and Deck | Vanlife Hack to confirm measurements! You want to attach bracket in the middle tiny home extra wide base and a possible! Required fields are marked diy van roof rack, have you had a go at making your own hardwood floors using in. Design a DIY roof rack and grab the cordless drill tech roof mounts, into your bottom brackets pointing.... You might prefer roof bars such as the van Conversion Sprinter van cargo roof rack build... Conversion cargo van Conversion Sprinter van DIY $ 200 roof rack diy van roof rack home. With 6 mounting brackets, 4 crossbars, diy van roof rack more… and lightweight aluminum Racks.

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