Society Influence. Digital Resources. High resolution A4 printable posters featuring key terms and definitions for Choreographic Devices, aligned to the Australian Curriculum and QCAA Dance Syllabus (2019). To support assessors' marking of the choreography, students must write a Programme note of approximately 120–150 words. Dynamics-Breathing, Accents and Climaxes This approach may lead to new insights and innovations in choreographic methods that may extend beyond the project and ultimately take dance performance in a … 3 Accumulation the choreographer was exposed to. Choreographic Devices: abstraction (transforms a gesture into pure movement, while retaining essence of original gesture), insertion (adding movements into the phrase), varying the force/energy, varying the tempo (speed), varying the levels, addition (adding extra movement while performing a … How many choreographic devices are there? Explain the meaning of the choreographic device 'abstraction' The process of altering or reducing the realistic appearance and/or features of the original inspiration whilst maintaining the 'essence' of the idea Accumulation Abstraction Embellishment. 10 2 Abstraction (subtraction) The process of altering or reducing the realistic appearance/ features of the original inspiration while maintaining the 'essence' of the idea. Explore how the sequence can be transformed and abstracted by using the choreographic devices used by Ann Dewey in the women's section of the dance: Repetition - repeat the sequence several times in succession, repeat some parts of the sequence and not others. A choreographic device that reflects the musical form of the same name in which individuals and groups perform the same movement phrase, beginning at different times. Forming The process of developing material and giving it structure (using choreographic devices to fit the chosen choreographic forms). Political. Cultural Influences. * Phrases. Performances and performance styles that. Mechanical Devices. Economical. a choreographic device where detail is added to a move, such as a hand gesture or an arm movement. List and explain the choreographic devices. This video is a demonstration of how everyday gestures can be abstracted into dance movement Environmental. The choreographic device 'repetition' refers to... repeating a movement, body action, skill or phrase. Abstraction Abstraction A choreographic device where a literal movement is manipulated to open the associations with the movement for an audience and remove its narrative elements. Dance Training and Dance Teachers. Family Influence. Retrograde - perform the original sequence in reverse order. Fragmentation. Employ and demonstrate their use through the composition of motifs, phrases, sections and a dance. Compose movement phrases and thematic movement phrases using improvisation, abstract ideas and the choreographic devices. The smallest movement that can be manipulated is a motif: Motific development, then phrases, … Choreographic Devices. 3.2.1 Documenting the choreography . Students will also be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of choreographic skills by responding to questions in the critical appreciation (Component 2) written exam. Choreographic Devices I. The cyclical process of live body to virtual, back to the dancing body as a choreographic device is an innovative way to approach practice. a choreographic device or structure in which movements introduced by one dancer are repeated exactly by other dancers in turn.