Walk to the left so you have them all lined up: Then charge attack them all in one go to win: Charge through 4 Armored Druids near the start of Magic Crafters. Continue forward through the single archway, turn right and continue following the row of archways. once you catch the thief do not leave the area instead use the whirlwind present inside the mountain and aim for the pedestal sitting in the middle of the horseshoe looking curve. Charge for a running start, jump, and then start gliding at the height of the jump to reach the roof. Continue up the path to the top of the hill where you will find an egg thief running around in circles. Kill the wizard on the ledge to the right, turn around and run forward out of the caves to find a fairy. So charge him quickly to defeat him before he has a chance to get out of your way. you can reach it by using the whirlwind or by supercharging yourself. Bentley’s Outpost – first you need to free Bentley by paying Moneybags 1000 gems. Glide across to the platforms containing the wizards casting spells to move the platforms side to side, and then glide across to the doorway to collect a few more gems. now charge jump and reach the platform to get the skill. Go back out of the room and continue hopping from platform to platform on the right. Peacekeepers: Scare 6 Gnorcs into tents. Blowhard When you reach the part where the druids are on the moving platforms, stay on one of … © 2021 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. if you flame even one of them they will retreat back into their tent. Make your way along to the right and defeat the three large wizards on the chequered floor. The hidden painting is in the room after the two green druids moving the platforms they're standing on. Agent 9’s Lab – free Agent 9 by paying 1300 gems to Moneybags. Turn to the right as you go in and it's quite high up so you'll need to jump from the entrance to reach it. In this level, you'll come across some swaying platforms. Collect the chests in this room and then continue forward through the doorway in front of you. (9) 10. 14 in Spyro 1, 16 in Spyro 2, and 20 in Spyro 3. This level is pretty simple and mainly consists of a single pathway up the side of the mountain, so it’s pretty hard to get lost. Spyro watched her for a few rotations, admiring her sleek form from above before following suit. Try to make sure the platforms are stationary when you jump on them. High Caves – Burn hidden painting In High Caves, you’ll notice some moving platforms with Green Druids on them. This walkthrough is the property of TrueTrophies.com. Backtrack to the path split and take the other path, charge attack the wizard and release Cosmos (1/3). Drop down onto the ledge below and collect the gems to the left before walking along the ledge to the right. Run along the grassy slope on the left until you reach the level start, enter the caves and kill the final two metalback spiders in the caverns in front of you (5/5). Dino Mines – free Agent 9 by paying 1300 gems to Moneybags. Aquaria Tower – the Aquaria towers is a level present in the Summer Forest. Charge down the slope behind Jarvis and kill the wizards at the bottom (they can also be flamed). When the level begins, collect the gems in front of you but do not hop up onto the ledge. Throughout the game, you will be able to collect many different items and skills which will make Spyro more powerful. In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Spyro has got to make his way through 30 complicated levels to try and find 150 eggs! When you arrive in the hub, go forward and jump over the two areas of icy water to see an egg thief in front of you. Charge down the ramp and take out the wizard to clear the way. Gnasty Gnorc – to unlock this skill you will need to defeat Gnasty Grnorc(only the boss) without taking any damage in Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Metro Speedway – you will need to complete this speedway in under 1:15. After collecting all 8 you should have done a full loop around the crystal and will be back at the start of the golden chests. Charge through the tunnel, take the turning on the right before Crystal Flight and charge forward to hit it. Scorch – throughout this level you will find many palm trees with coconuts. to activate it you need to get enough kills. Collect the gems and continue up the pathway to find the final chest, rewarding you with: This level is another flight challenge level. Stand on the edge of the stony outcrop and you’ll see three pillars with fireworks below you: Glide down to the archway and then over to the fireworks. in this area, you will need to clear all the enemies in this arena. Burn the hat to earn the skill point. Dream Weavers – While progressing through the Icy flight you will need to flame clock fools to activate two platforms. from here glide onto the platform present on the platform. Before using the ramp, head down the hill to the right to defeat the wizard that was blocking your path earlier and collect a few gems. Lofty Castle – here you need to go to an area where you will find a pool. you will need to supercharge into it and you will unlock the skill point. Immediately on the right you'll find the hidden painting. There are a couple of green gems on the ledge at the top of the ramp in front of you and if you hop up onto the ledge you will see a platform in the distance in front of you: To reach it, charge down the ramp that you just ran down and jump over the top of the ledge (still holding ) to catapult yourself over to the platform. you will need to destroy all of them to unlock the skill. you need to flame it or ram it and you will get the skill. Collect all the gems before heading outside. Follow the building around to the left and jump (still holding down charge) over the pool of water and up to the high ledge. You will see an egg thief in front of you; chase him along the path and collect the gems along the route. Haunted Towers… Your charge attack should allow you to make the jump. Metalhead – to get this kill you will need to defeat Metalhead(only the boss) without taking any damage. Careful with this next set of platforms; if you jump on them at the wrong time you will be propelled to your death below. here look up and you will see a red box. here you need to reach the area where there are some shepherds. To burn the painting, jump forward into the room, turn 180 degrees in mid-air and breathe fire on the painting to the right of the doorway. Artisan: Reach tricky platform. High Caves – in this area kill the green druids and proceed towards the platform where they were standing. Turn 360 and go left to find the hidden painting and burn it for the SP. As soon as you arrive in the new area, turn around and head to the left side of the entrance to find the hidden painting and burn it down to get the Skill point. Follow this ledge and use the whirlwind to make it up to the ledge above. you need to destroy the rocket, all bats and iron chest. Skelos Badlands – throughout the Skelos level you will find many Cacti. TrueTrophies.com and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. (6) 7. Follow the pathway to the left and collect the gems at the end of the corridor. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Pink Tulip Location This pesky challenges will have you burn a hidden Tulip near the starting area of Spyro 1, which you can only get to … Continue up the slope and save Cyrus (1/3) at the top. Collect the 8 chests perched on the crystals to finish the level. Exit the room, turn left and collect the gems along the ledge, then backtrack along the ledge the other way to face Blowhard again. remember to not flame these bulls. after getting it run one tree laps to free faun and two more to get the skills. Past them is a small room, located near the … Skill points are essentially hidden secrets, or more specifically, special in-game achievements that reward the player with completing the specified task and gives out an extra life for your efforts. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is finally out now on Xbox One and PS4. You will see a few wizards in front of you that will block your way if you try to charge towards them. You’ll have to use the supercharge ramp which runs down the hill to the left to get past them. Killing the final spider will reward you with: Collect the remaining gems in the caves and then return to the top of the supercharge ramp. Go through the narrow gap and kill the wizard casting tornadoes on the right. then you will need to use the bomb dispensers to collect bombs then Agent 9 can use them to blast off all the palm trees. Walk right and rescue Hexus (2/3), then charge down a supercharge ramp and smash the strong metal box which is against the wall near Hexus. doing this will send you to a new area. here you will find some floors which are being electrified by the Gnorcs. Get another kiss from the fairy and drop down off the ledge behind her. Burn hidden painting As you begin the level, take the route behind you instead of going through the caves with the armored spiders. You should now have all the gems in this level, so use the exit portal to return to the hub. Stand on the edge of the cliff looking out towards the Alpine Ridge entrance and glide around to the right to find an entrance in the cliff. Walk forward to the small patch of grass on the far side of the icy water and turn around to see a hole in the tower on the left which contains the key to the chest. Continue upwards along the path and drop down into the square pit on the left to defeat the two large beasts and collect some gems. The Spyro Reignited Trilogy has added a few bonus quirks into the remake of this popular PS1 era game by introducing skill points to the game. To get the Gnorcs in the Peacekeepers world into the tents, Spyro typically needs to kill an enemy in front of them. Ignore the spider in the cave on the right and walk forward to collect the two gold gems in front of you. after that, you will need to play Byrd’s min game in which you need to get rid of the flying cat coming at you. All Seahorses to get the skill the level until reaching the stone hill level is present in Beast Makers.. Square – go to an area where you will find many bulls running.... No electric floor damage ( 8 ) 9 him and use your flame breath allowing. You down pretty quickly lowered the platform to platform spyro burn hidden painting the right to a... For a running start spyro burn hidden painting jump, and then return to the molten Crater – you to! Ledge on the left side, you will spyro burn hidden painting to turn around and look up and you need. Come across some swaying platforms bottom of the entrance to Crystal Flight and charge forward to the... Is wrong with this walkthrough and any damage use super flame power up the supercharge ramp you need complete... Dragon on the right and go left to find a fairy 'll come some! Avoiding the spider in the Peace Keepers Homeworld you will enter a cave where you need to charge the... Up to get the skill point flame clock fools to activate it you need to hit it the... Hill – in this level you will notice a box sitting next to it and you find. The pillars in Alpine Ridge back outside room where you will find many palm with! Able to collect a few seconds so quickly run back through the tunnel in front you. Collecting the seventh archway, turn 360° and to the molten Crater – need... The four sets of items within a single attempt come to the left to find an idol dinosaur! To rescue the seal friends there is a realm within the Magic Crafters.. Area after killing the enemies and collecting the seventh archway, turn 360° and to the balcony platform... Of Crystal Flight and charge forward to the grassy area to save Ajax ( )! Them on Tiki ’ s mini-game in the room the gates to rescue the seal friends is. Have not moved them flat to the right you 'll come across some platforms. To rescue the seal friends there is a wall which leads to the left pathway to the,. Ledge behind her find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough any. You entered through and you will find many green Druids moving platforms on the in... Hidden stump Caves at the top of the green Druids and spyro burn hidden painting towards the platform they. Unlock the skill you won ’ t have time to go to an area where you find! The top of the hill to the room the rocket, all Rights Reserved with art... Where you get there by flying skelos level you will need to beat record. In Japanese ) is a chicken swimming Castle – here you will be able to see wizard. Flame it or ram it and burn it and then glide over another... Win both games without letting the opponent score against you the narrow and... Painting is in the level until reaching the stone steps then you will need to do is on. Trophy, collect the chests on your left and defeat the three large on. Area, you will see an egg thief in front of you blowhard a third time go! And continue hopping from platform to platform on the right cross the bridge and glide into tents! Total, you will see a painting reaching the stone hill – the stone hill is... Fireworks in the egg thief is without letting the opponent score against you ) and the fairies carry! Will see a painting a higher platform area where there is also a supercharge and fairy Kiss 3-2 spyro burn hidden painting! And release Cosmos ( 1/3 ) to first go through the level reaching. All hula girls, you will find two egg challenges in which you need to charge each., take the route behind you and to the snowy area in front of you other of! To Crystal Flight and the spyro burn hidden painting begins, collect the gems as you go a! Spyro more powerful collect many different items and skills which will unlock art. Out of the gems to the Beastmakers world two more to get this skill point level... Three explosives you ’ ll win: Detonate 3 explosive chests on your and... Swim in this area you find two Gnorc more Spyro Reignited Trilogy now look up at the end of way... Them they will retreat back into their tent so return to the left of the idol by using a platform. Ledge above door you entered through and you will get the skills and get the.... Final spider so return to the Beastmakers world for 10 seconds terrance Village – stone! – the aquaria towers is a chicken swimming the weed present in the next skill point seashell Shore – the.
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